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White Street Pier and the AIDS Memorial

White Street at Atlantic Boulevard and the Atlantic Ocean

The White Street Pier is one of my favorite spots to visit. At the entrance to the pier, you'll find the Key West AIDS memorial; a somber testament to the many lives of Key West residents that have been lost to AIDS. It's an important perspective to have as you experience the vibrancy of life elsewhere on the island. While really two distinctly different things to see and experience, their proximity makes this one stop.

The Pier itself, which stretches out into the Atlantic, separates Higgs and Rest Beaches. On the days when the wind comes in from the south you'll be splashed by the salt spray as you walk out to the end. On any given day, you'll find lots of dog walking locals, and tourists gazing into the clear blue waters below. A wonderful spot to watch a beautiful Key West sunrise too!

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