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Danger Charters

Step Into Adventure

245 Front Street



Danger Charters' "Wind and Wine" sunset sail is a lovely, intimate and romantic way to close out your day in Key West. With an extensive selection of 8 fine wines to choose from along with delicious hors d'oeuvres, this is without question, a must-do on-the-water adventure for wine lovers.

The full-day or half-day snorkel and kayak eco-adventures offer even first time snorkelers an opportunity to get close to the color fish, exotic wildlife and delicate eco-system of the Florida Keys. The crew on-board all the vessels is experienced, professional and fun!

Danger sails "Skipjacks"; smaller, shallow sailboats perfect for those seeking a more personal experience than what you'll find on a larger ship.

I've enjoyed water adventures with many others, but find Danger Charters to be the top of the line in all categories!

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