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Sebago Key West

205 Elizabeth Street #1



Getting out on the water in Key West is one of the highlights of a Key West vacation. And, for a great on-the-water adventure, Sebago Key West offers a full range of excursions.

There are lovely 2 hour sails during the day or for sunset. The romantic champagne sunset cruise on the Schooner Appledore is my favorite!

For those who are looking for something more active, check-out Sebago's famous "Power Adventure" that includes parasailing, jet-skis rides, kayaking, snorkeling and everything else you can imagine. The full-day, but slightly quieter "Island 'Ting" is one of their most popular excursions.

Sebago has many shorter adventures devoted to just one or two activities as well, which means, you can find it all with Sebago.

Drinks are included in the cost of most all excursions, and lunch/snacks are provided on longer trips.

Have fun!

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