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In One Era

227 Petronia Street



Antiques and vintage fabulous-ness in every corner (and on the ceiling) of the perfectly-located shop on the corner of Thomas and Petronia, directly across from Blue Heaven, in the middle of what is now a chic little dining and shopping district.

The first thing you'll notice when you enter the shop are the many, many chandeliers on display, some of which must have come from some of Fleming Street's finest homes. After that, your eyes focus on case after case of vintage jewelry that must surely have graced the mavens of Key West in days gone by. And all that is just the beginning of what you'll find.

In One Era is owned and operated by Leda Andrews, who was on site during my visit and most likely be during yours. Very well worth special trip and a great way to spend some time while your waiting for you table to be ready...

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