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Fast Buck Freddies

500 Duval Street


Fast Buck Freddies has CLOSED, but the listing remains to commemorate this beloved shopping emporium.....

It's impossible for me to visit Key West without spending some time prowling through this amazing store.

Even without entering the store, gazing at the artful, creative and ever changing windows facing Duval St. is a feast for the eyes.

Carrying items from funky home furnishings, fun and funny kitchen gadgets, tropical housewares and home accessories to high fashion women's clothing, shoes and purses, along with a good sized Tommy Bahama boutique for men, Fast Buck Freddies is THE place to shop in Key West.

The sales staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgable and can help you find anything you're looking for, plus a few things you weren't, but will just have to have.

Still, the most fun is wandering through the labyrinth and discovering all the goodies yourself.

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