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Eaton Street Seafood Market

801 Eaton Street

305-295-3474 (fish)


Eaton Street Seafood Market is THE place to purchase fish and seafood in Old Town. Carrying only the freshest, locally caught fish and seafood, Eaton Street Seafood Market is dedicated to supporting local fishermen and providing locals and visitors alike with the best the local waters have to offer.

The market itself, housed in an old gas station at the corner of William and Eaton Streets, is a architectural gem, with an art-deco design and some outdoor tables where you can sit and enjoy your just-purchased stone crab claws, Key West pinks, or something from their delicious lunch menu if you can't wait to get them home.

Along with the fish and seafood, you'll find freshly made dips and sauces, and other tasty treats to complete your meal.

Stop by Eaton Street Seafood Market to get your fix of the freshest fish, or if you're not in town, go to their website and have them ship it to you wherever you are!

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