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Unique Snorkeling

631 Greene Street



The great folks at Clearly Unique Charters, have a brand new, and VERY cool, "Unique Snorkeling" adventure for all to try!

This two hour tour, with a small group of no more than 12, promises to be the best of the best Key West snorkel experiences.

What sets this trip apart from any other is the "Blade Fish" scooter, that propels you through the water for effortless access to the wonders of the sea beneath you.

Possibly even better, is the Liquid Image snorkel mask you'll use that allows you to take underwater pictures and video right from the mask AND you'll take the SD card of your images home with you to forever remember your undersea adventure.

As of this posting, I have yet to participate in this adventure, so no chicken ratings at this pint, but be assured I will be out there within a few weeks. I have a feeling this is going to be TOPS!

You have GOT to check out the website to see how cool all this is and then get out there on the water with Unique Snorkeling!

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