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Blackfin Bistro

Dining Steps

918 Duval Street



Blackfin is absolutely one of my favorite dining establishments on the island. It's at the top of the list any time of day or night.

Breakfast is served until 5pm, although when I go in for lunch, I often have the fish sandwich, served with fantastic house made fries. I also love the Blackfin Burger topped with bacon, swiss and a sunny-side up egg, served with those same fabulous fries.

A huge bowl of steamed mussels in a choice of sauces (blue cheese anyone?) is a perfect appetizer to share at dinner, if you can stay away from the extraordinary Bistro Salad topped with bacon and a poached egg or the Sauteed Calamari in parsley butter with toasted walnuts (two of my other favorite Blackfin offerings!).

A selection of fresh fish entrees, steaks and specials are on the menu, while the full burger menu remains available too for those with less of an appetite or if you're watching your budget.

There are so many things to love on this menu and in the beautiful garden setting where the delicious food is served, which is why Blackfin Bistro is a "one of the best" 3 chicken KWS Top Pick!

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